General conditions


Address: Passeig de la Torre, 26, 17210, Palafrugell, (Girona)
VAT NUMBER: B55261317
Registration Data: Girona, Volume 3084, Folio 109, Sheet GI 59977, Registration 1
Telephone: 972614603

These conditions regulate and apply to all sales made by HOTEL LA TORRE, from its website accessible through the URL

Therefore, in case you encounter this type of cookies on this website and they are not listed in the previous list, please notify us. Or contact the third party directly to request information about the cookies they place, the purpose and duration of the cookie, and how you have your privacy guaranteed.

These General Conditions will remain in force and will be valid for as long as they are accessible through the Website, notwithstanding that HOTEL LA TORRE reserves the right to modify, without prior notice, both the General Conditions, where appropriate the Particular, as well as any of the legal texts that are exposed on the Website. In any case, access to the Website after its modification, inclusion and/or replacement implies the acceptance of them by the user.


The access and consultation of the catalog of products and/or services published on the Website is open and free, and the registration of users is not required.

Similarly, in order to begin the process of contracting the products and/or services displayed on the Website, it is essential that users register as such, following the instructions provided below.


To be able to register as a user it is essential to be over 18 years of age and provide through the form provided by HOTEL LA TORRE through the Website, all the required and mandatory data. The registered user assumes that his user account is personal and non-transferable, being able to register on the Website both natural persons and legal persons.

All registered users will have an access password, which will be in any case personal, non-transferable. The users may modify or recover their password at any time, following the procedure set forth in the Website. Under no circumstances will HOTEL LA TORRE know this password, which will remain in the encrypted HOTEL LA TORRE systems.

By virtue of the foregoing, it is the user’s obligation to immediately notify HOTEL LA TORRE of any event that allows the improper use of identifiers and/or passwords, such as theft, loss, or unauthorized access, in order to proceed to its immediate cancellation. Until such events are communicated, the provider will be exempt from any liability that may arise from the improper use of identifiers or passwords by unauthorized third parties.


The legal relationship derived from registering as a Client of the Website has an indefinite duration. Either party may terminate or suspend this contractual relationship unilaterally at any time and without any cause other than its will in that regard, without prejudice to the obligations arising from the formalization of orders prior to the termination of the relationship. The Client may unilaterally exercise the right of termination through the account cancellation process.

In any case, once the cancellation has been made, the user may request a new registration, leaving the provider’s right not to admit it in case of conflict or controversy between the parties, that is to be resolved or that has ended with acknowledgment of fault or negligence of the user and/or damage to the provider, its collaborators and associates or its users, clients or potential clients.



The products and services offered, and their characteristics, as well as their price appear on the screen.

HOTEL LA TORRE reserves the right to decide, at any time, the products and/or services offered at HOTEL LA TORRE can at any time add products and/or services to those offered. Likewise, HOTEL LA TORRE may withdraw or stop offering, without prior notice, any of the products and/or services offered at

Once on the Website, and to access to contract the products and/or services, the user must follow the instructions indicated in the purchase process, which involves reading and acceptance of the general conditions of purchase, and particularities described in


All information regarding the products and/or services offered by HOTEL LA TORRE for its Online Channel, will be published through the Website, indicating the following information regarding each of them: Photo of room, room description, description of services, and price.

HOTEL LA TORRE may, at any time, add new products and/or services to those included in the Website, it being understood, unless otherwise provided, that such new Products will be governed by the provisions of the General Conditions in force in that moment.


HOTEL LA TORRE intends to guarantee the disposition of all the products and/or services that it advertises at However, in the event that any product is not available, or if it has been sold out, the customer will be informed as follows: By email.

If the product and/or service is not available, and by informing the user, HOTEL LA TORRE may provide the user of a similar product and/or service in features without increasing the price, in which case, the user may accept or reject it by exercising the right to withdrawal and termination of the contract.

In case of unavailability of all or part of the order, and the rejection of the replacement products by the user, the refund previously paid will be made through the credit card with which the reservation was paid.


To provide the service, HOTEL LA TORRE will give the user access as follows: upon arrival at the hotel at the reception desk.


Once the products and/or services offered by HOTEL LA TORRE have been selected, the user must follow the phases of the contracting process indicated below:

  1. Validation of the Shopping Cart: the User, once the selection of the products he wishes to contract is finished, must validate the shopping cart, in which the selected products will be shown, as well as the number of units, their price, discount if any, and shipping costs.

  2. Providing Billing and Shipping Data: once the users validate their shopping cart, they must provide HOTEL LA TORRE with the billing and shipping data of the products, and must expressly accept, by ticking the corresponding box, these Conditions of Contract. If the acceptance box is not checked, the Website will not allow to proceed with the booking process.

  3. Payment Method Selection: the User, once provided the billing information and, where appropriate, shipping, must select the payment method. Currently, HOTEL LA TORRE validates the following payment method: credit/debit card.

  4. Payment of the total amount: the User will be redirected automatically by the system to the online payment platforms (POS) of the corresponding banking entities.

  5. Confirmation of the Purchase: at the moment of the effective realization of the payment of the purchase by the Client, HOTEL LA TORRE will send them an email of order confirmation and, later, another one when it has been processed and is ready for shipment.



All products and/or services offered on the Website are associated with the final price of the product, as well as, where appropriate, the possible discounts that apply to such purchase.

The prices shown on the Website apply exclusively to the Products offered through said Channel and for as long as they remain published.

The prices of the Products are always shown in euros and with VAT, as well as any other taxes that were applicable, being those in force and legally applicable at that time.

HOTEL LA TORRE expressly reserves the right to change prices at any time, without prior notice. However, in any case, the rates in force indicated on the Website at the time of placing the corresponding order will apply.


To proceed with the payment, the Client must follow each and every one of the instructions shown in phase 3 of the electronic contracting process, described above.

All payment methods provided by HOTEL LA TORRE are subject to checks and authorizations by the entities that issue the payment method (card issuers and/or issuers of payment accounts), but if said entity does not authorize the payment, the purchase procedure will not continue, the order will be automatically canceled, and the purchase or sale of the requested Product or Products will not be made.

The charge of the price of the Products, of the costs of the shipping service -if applicable-, as well as of any applicable taxes, will only be made at the time of formalizing the order. Shipping costs are included for the entire MP territory, except NP.

To carry out the electronic payment, HOTEL LA TORRE has installed an electronic commerce payment gateway provided by banks authorized to do so. All data provided to HOTEL LA TORRE for this purpose are duly encrypted to ensure maximum security and confidentiality, staying on a secure server certified according to the “Secure Socket Layer” (SSL) protocol.


Los Productos cuya compra haya sido realizada a través del Sitio Web de HOTEL LA TORRE serán enviados a la dirección postal que se indique en el formulario de pedido, no pudiendo la misma corresponder a un apartado de correos o lugares públicos, tales como la vía pública, plazas, estaciones, aeropuertos u otros similares.


In case of request for delivery of the order at home, the delivery will be made, in general, within ten to fifteen working days from the confirmation of the order, at the postal address that has been included in the order data, except for force majeure. The delivery note will be sent together with the Product or Products as well as the invoice.


The order will be delivered to the address designated by the user at the time of purchase.

The scope of delivery is in the following areas: MP


The service will be provided as follows: not applicable


The User is guaranteed the right of withdrawal of the purchase made through the Website, and therefore, if he is not satisfied, he may return the Product within a maximum period of fourteen (14) calendar days since he has acquired possession of the product / or since the formalization of the contract in the case of contracting services.

The right of withdrawal may be exercised through the following channels:

  1. Through the After-Sales Service of the establishment of the nearest HOTEL LA TORRE Distribution Network, always providing the Proof of Purchase.

  2. Through the Website, by filling out the web form attached to the return request.

  3. Contacting Customer Service, where the steps to follow will be indicated.

The refund will include the purchase amount and if they had existed, the delivery costs. The refund will be made in the same means of payment with which the Product was purchased, discounting the return costs that will be borne by the customer.

The Customer must return the products subject to withdrawal without undue delay and in any case no later than within 14 calendar days from the date on which his decision of withdrawal is communicated.

The refund of the amount corresponding to the withdrawal will be made within 14 calendar days from the date on which the decision to withdraw from the contract has been effectively and unequivocally communicated and provided that the goods or products subject to withdrawal have been previously received, in case otherwise, the disbursement may be withheld until the receipt of said goods or until the Customer accredits the return of the goods.

The following are excluded from the right of withdrawal:

  1. The provision of services, once the service has been fully executed.

  2. The supply of goods or services rendered according to the specifications of the Client or clearly personalized.

  3. The supply of sealed goods that are not suitable for return for reasons of health or hygiene protection and that have been unsealed after delivery.

  4. The supply of sound recordings or sealed videos or sealed computer programs that have been unsealed by the Customer after delivery.

  5. The provision of digital content (not provided on a material medium) when the execution has already begun. The Client expressly knows that once the digital download has begun, he will lose the right of withdrawal.

  6. Any other good or service covered by art. 103 of RDL 1/2007, of November 16.

The Client will be responsible for the decrease in value of the goods resulting from a manipulation different from that necessary to establish its nature, its characteristics or its operation. In any case, for the purpose of making use of the right of withdrawal, it is necessary that the Products be returned in their original packaging along with the invoice. If they are returned without said original packaging or with damages, the refund to be paid to the Customer for the return of the product will be reduced by the corresponding amount. Before returning the Product, the Customer must ensure that it is properly protected and sealed so that it does not suffer any damage during transport.


When the Product or Products purchased present a lack of conformity because they do not correspond to the characteristics offered, they present defects that prevent their normal use according to their nature, or do not offer the services described, the Client will have the right to warranty of the good acquired within a period of 14 days from the purchase and in the conditions and with the means of proof regulated in the Consolidated Text of the General Law for the Defense of Consumers and Users, without prejudice to the powers of the Point of Sale of Check the truth of the defects, their origin and the moment of their appearance. In case of online sale, the customer must send an email attaching a photograph of the product.


Any question, suggestion, complaint or claim regarding the online sale of the Products can be made through our Customer Service:

Contact Person: Reception E-mail:
Phone: 972614603


All information provided during the contracting process will be stored by HOTEL LA TORRE, in its capacity as responsible and manager of the Website, as well as in charge of processing the order data on behalf of the Point of Sale, which for all purposes will be the Person in charge of the File with the personal data of the Clients that have actually made the purchase-sale.

The data collected will be made available to the transport and logistics company responsible for delivering the item purchased through the website, as well as any other operator involved in the process of purchase, and/or delivery, for the purpose of the fulfillment of the contract or contracts with the client and the relations derived from them. In any case, before communicating to any third party the personal data of the Client, he must accept it previously and expressly.

In the same way, and unless the Client has expressed his express opposition, the user expressly consents to the processing of his personal data to send information of interest, news and offers about the products and services of HOTEL LA TORRE through any means, including mail, email, SMS or similar. To unsubscribe from the advertising communications delivery service, you can do so through or request it in accordance with the Privacy Policy of HOTEL LA TORRE.

Also the users can go, to exercise their rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition, to HOTEL LA TORRE with VAT number B55261317 and address in Passeig de la Torre, 26, 17210, Palafrugell, or by email addressed to attaching a photocopy of their ID in both cases. The processing of personal data by HOTEL LA TORRE, the Points of Sale, as well as any other information requested for access and use of the Website, will be governed by the provisions of the Privacy Policy of the Website https: / /


These conditions have been exposed in due time, in accordance with current legislation. Likewise, HOTEL LA TORRE makes these General Conditions available, so that they can be stored and reproduced, thus fulfilling the legal duty of prior information.

HOTEL LA TORRE reserves the right to modify, at any time, and without prior notice, the presentation and configuration of the Website, its functionalities and/or the contents that are incorporated therein. You expressly acknowledge and agree that at any time HOTEL LA TORRE may interrupt, deactivate and/or cancel the access and/or use of the Website, without HOTEL LA TORRE being responsible for it.

In the event that any provision or provisions of these General Conditions were deemed void or unenforceable, in whole or in part, by any Tribunal, Court or competent administrative body, such nullity or non-application shall not affect the remaining provisions. In that case, the clause or clauses affected will be replaced by another or others that have the effects more similar to those of the substituted ones.


The parties expressly agree that this contract will be governed and will be interpreted, in all its terms and conditions, in accordance with current Spanish legislation.

The parties expressly submit, for any questions or divergences that may arise due to the interpretation, fulfillment and execution of this contract, to the jurisdiction and competence of the Courts and Tribunals corresponding to the domicile of the buyer or to the place of performance of the contractual obligation

To submit a claim in the use of our services, you can contact by mail to the electronic or physical address indicated in the “Identification” section, committing to seek at all times a friendly settlement of the conflict.

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